Firman Ardiansyah Natanegara
(The Best Delegate Of Indonesian Entrepreneur Conference 2011 &
 Best 10 Delegate of AseAn Leadpreneur  Congress 2011)

Firman Dalam Kalimat.....

    Hey! i'm Firman Ardiansyah! i'm 18 going on 19 :) i'm a Boy, . i'm a moslem. i love music, movies, art, philosophy, history, politics, fashion, science, and literature. i'm a total GEEK! haha, i love reading so much, and i can stand probably for days at a bookstore :)) i'm nice, funny, smart, emotional, and just like the other boy, i love go to fitnes centre, hanging out with friends, interest on girls :p, and desperately in loooove with fitnes centre for care my body and  i like to seem atlethic. haha    I have 3 indonesian ethnics mixture. they are Makassar, bugis,  and java. my father is from java, and my mother is from South sulawesi. i was born in makassar. yesterday I live at a small town, Gorontalo city, Gorontalo. i've been here since i was 5.  i'm a highschool student at SMA 3 Gorontalo.    I'm  be a college student at Bakrie University Jakarta. thank God, i got fullscholarship from Bakrie University :D my favorite university since i was like 15 years old. i took Faculty of Management, because i have interest on bussiness, although i study sciences for highschool. yeahh, many people said that i'd better took medical or any sciences faculty, but hey, forgive me but it's my choice! this country needs more people who care about the economic crisis here.. and probably i'm one of them :)    Anyway, i have many friends, and i love all of them. i hope they love me too :) they all are kind, but also crazy. haha.. that's what i need from them...
    Ilove music. i can't singging.  i like jazz, pop, classic, and sometimes i like hardcore music. i love listening to mozart, beethoven, and bach. it's just wonderful and beautiful what they've created. and i'd like to learn how to play drum :) hahahah:)
i love movies, like REALLY LOVE movies. i like the old movies like 50's or 60's. i like all comedy movies, romantic movies, thriller, fiction, since-fiction, tragedy. i even like cartoons specially watching the spongebob squarepants. what i love from watching movies is that you can learn so much from the screen, the characters, and the emotion. and not to mention, they are also entertaining :)
    Well, i know i describe too much about me. and if you don't believe all this crap, you can describe me your self by becoming one of my friends. and DON'T WORRY, i don't bite :))